Search Engine Optimization 101

At the beginning I did not quite understand, what is search engine optimization (SEO)? How to use it? What is the purpose? Why is it important? Those are some questions that I always think of when going to use the word of SEO.

Finally, I tried to find a lot of references associated with SEO from various sources such as digital books (eBook), articles on the web, video on YouTube, and other sources which explain about this SEO. SEO has led me to open wider insights to immediately understand and can apply it.

And now I think that when all businesses require faster promotions accessible by consumers and stays long, then the internet is needed now is to fulfill that campaign. This will allow consumers to search for business information that is being searched.

Companies that are growing are in need of promotion of business through internet. Even with a company online will be known by the consumers who are looking for it. It will be a positive influence on the sustainability of the company's business in the future.

And what about your company's business is easy to find online?

Search Engine Optimization that will provide business solutions to promote your company so that it will be easily found first, on the search engines. Do a test like this, type the name of your industry in the search engine Google and note if you find the name of your company. For example, if you engage in web design services, typing in the search field Google "web design services."

Well on Google search pages will look the result. Now you take note of all the companies that you find on the page.

Is your company name listed on the search results? If you have not seen at all in your name on the first page of Google, you mean you're losing a lot of investment. Those companies that you find are ones that will get business from people that search on Google to find services.

So you should try as much as possible so that the name of your company can be found on the first page of Google by implementing search engine optimization.

You get to know more closely, what is search engine optimization? Well, this is related to the search engine that has two main functions- crawling and building index, and providing answers that are available to calculate relevancy and serving results.

So, search optimization engine is a set of methods that help a website a highly ranked on Google search engine. When your site ranks higher, then most likely be found by your potential customers. And this will have an effect on increasing the selling rate in your company.

At the time this technique has been applied to your site, then Google bot will work for crawling and indexing through links from the web content you publish. And through that link the search engine's automated robot called "crawlers" or "spiders" that can reach many millions of documents that interconnected to one another.

To get appear on page one of Google search engine, you do not quite have a simple site. If you are on page 3, it will not be able to achieve the same number of customers with a search that is on page one. So, you should try to have a good site for SEO.

With the popularity of Google, we are like being competed to get top ranking in Google. For people who can be seen on the first page, that's the best. However, if the rank achieved is on page 2 or under, you are still far from the best position. You should try again more optimally to achieve top ranking.

Ranking in Google's results is hard to understand because it was made by two nerds Larry Page and Sergey Brin. From these two nerds that decide what's popular on Google? They own and run companies that fighting for search engine optimization for their clients become part of the cool kids, and this becomes an endless battle.

Everyone is always trying to get the number one position, which is why companies that have occupied the highest position and continue to do business with search engine optimization agencies so they can keep in the first rank.

From some explanations that have been described above, you have seen that Google is a battle war and there is still a war competition to determine who rated on the first page. This will provide benefits for the business owner to bring in more customers and more money.

Even those who are at the top of Google, the battle still continues. So that everyone has an opportunity to reach the top of with search engine optimization which is set processes and techniques that can help websites rank well in Google.

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